Water & Biogeochemical Cycles

Water Insights Seminar - Soil Health Related Research and Practice Implementation at Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud is working with the PA No-Till Alliance and Steve Groff of Cover Crop Coaching to provide outreach, training, and mentoring/technical advising to producers who are transitioning to soil health focused farming systems. Additionally, Stroud staff are working with 2 individual producers to implement hundreds of acres of new cover crops and multi-species cover crops in the White Clay Creek Watershed where extensive long term monitoring is in place and positioned to evaluate watershed scale outcomes of the implementation.

CANCELLED - Water Insights Seminar - Living Through the City of Cape Town's Water crisis

Presenter: Mumbi Kimani Water scarcity is one of the major problems facing many countries. South Africa is a water scarce country and the gap between supply and demand has been increasing. Urbanization has been on the rise, by 2017 almost two thirds of South African's lived in urban areas. This influx has seen cities like the City of Cape Town struggle to cope with increasing water demand. The recent drought in Cape Town triggered a water crisis leading to the city declaring a date “day zero” on which it would turn off the city's taps.