• 07 Jan

    The National Council for Science and the Environment works with scientists, educators, policymakers, business leaders, and officials at all levels of government to inform environmental policy and decision-making with the use of science.

  • 08 Feb

    The College of Engineering invites you to participate in our annual Graduate Open House on Friday, February 8, 2019.

    Participants will staff information tables or poster boards that will provide prospective graduate students with a wide range of interdisciplinary educations and research opportunities available at Penn State.

  • 25 Mar
    WaterHackWeek is a 5-day hackweek to be held at the University of Washington in partnership with the University of Washington eScience Institute. Participants will learn about open source technologies used to analyze water-related datasets. Mornings will consist of interactive lectures, and afternoon sessions will involve facilitated exploration of datasets and hands-on software development.
  • 01 Apr

    With advances in computational science, researchers are finding new solutions to major societal problems. This one-day conference, hosted by the Institute for CyberScience at Penn State, will focus on innovative computational research across a diverse set of disciplines. Come hear nationally renowned speakers and be part of the discussion.

  • 01 May

    The 2019 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium will be held on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at the Penn Stater Conference Center in State College. An optional field trip will be offered to a limited number of registrants on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. A call for presenters will be sent later this fall to solicit presentations for the Symposium.

  • 16 May

    The workshop provides an opportunity for nonscientists, researchers, experts, government officials, and members of the gas and environmental industries to compare lessons learned about water issues within the northeastern region of shale gas development. Participants take part in sharing and interpreting water data related to shale gas development.

  • 28 May

    The International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science is the premier global forum for exploring the nexus of energy and society.

  • 29 May

    How do we meet the goals of energy affordability, sustainability, and security to ensure innovation, policy, and investment in our energy system going forward? To meet these current and future energy challenges, Penn State is hosting the Energy Days Conference on May 29-30, 2019, at The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center on University Park campus.

  • 03 Jun

    The IEA Clean Coal Centre’s 9th International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies (CCT2019) comes to the USA for the first time on 3-7 June. At the heart of key developments in energy and cleaner coal, the city of Houston, Texas, plays host to this leading forum for innovation in the coal industry.

  • 10 Aug

    The 20th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences IAMG2019 will be in State College, PA from Aug. 10th – Aug. 16th, 2019. The University Park campus of The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is situated in Central Pennsylvania amidst the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

  • 16 Sep

    An international meeting that will highlight the scientific work of researchers that work with Project Drawdown and other institutions around the world, including a team of researchers at Penn State. The event will focus on the 100 strategies outlined by Project Drawdown, https://www.drawdown.org/solutions-summary-by-rank