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Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work being done at and through the Institutes of Energy and the Environment. Faculty and researchers from across Penn State, including the Commonwealth campuses, have become affiliates of IEE.

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Researcher Name Title Research Summary
William Carlsen College of Education Professor of Science Education

Research interests include teacher knowledge, classroom sociolinguistics, environmental science education, and precollege engineering.

John E. Carlson College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Molecular Genetics

Conducts research in the areas of genomics, conservation genetics and biotechnology.

A.W. Castleman Jr. College of Agricultural Sciences Evan Pugh Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Engaged in studies to bridge the gas and condensed phase through investigation of the dynamics of formation, the laser photophysics and spectroscop

Gary Catchen College of Engineering Profressor of Nuclear Engineering

Research interests include characterization of electronic, optical, magnetic materials, radiation detection/measurement, nonlinear regression/optim

Jeffrey Catchmark College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Research interest include cellulose synthesis and assembly; cellulose nanocomposite materials and coatings; microbial cellulose production; and the

Isabella Cattadori Eberly College of Science Associate Professor of Biology

Researches the mechanisms affecting host-parasite interaction across scales, from within-host processes of infection to population-level mechanisms

Glen Cauffman College of Agricultural Sciences Manager of Farm Operations and Facilities

Researches using biodiesel fuel (B100) in New Holland tractors.

Marcelo Chamecki College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Assistant Professor of Meteorology

Research interests include atmospheric boundary layer, turbulence, large-eddy simulation, atmospheric dispersion, aerobiology and atmospheric ecolo

Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri College of Engineering Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Power system dynamics and control, wide-area monitoring systems, application of power electronics in power systems, online system identification, FACT
Keith Cheng College of Medicine Chief, Division of Experimental Pathology

Research interests include the fundamental genetic and molecular mechanisms that cause cancer, basic mechanisms underlying the relationship between

Huanyu Cheng College of Engineering Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics Previous research focuses on design and manufacturing of wearable tattoo electronics capable of dissolving in the human body.
Fan-Bill Cheung College of Engineering George L. Guillet Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Research interests include solidification and melting, turbulent natural convection, two-phase flow and heat transfer, nuclear reactor thermal hydr

Surinder Chopra College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Maize Genetics

Metabolic coordination and role of secondary metabolites in plant developmental process as well as plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Barbara J. Christ College of Agricultural Sciences Senior Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

Develops and screens potato breeding lines: focuses on varieties adapted for Pennsylvania growing conditions, disease-resistant potato germplasm, p

T.C. Mike Chung College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Functionalization of polyolefins via the combination of metallocene catalysts and reactive chain transfer agents; functionalization of fluoropolyme

John Cimbala College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include experimental and computational fluid dynamics, flow visualization, wind tunnels, neutron radiography, turbulence, turbul

Richard Ciocci College of Engineering Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Science, Engineering and Technology

Research interests lie primarily in the areas of design and advanced manufacturing with focus on improvement and efficiency.

Daniel Ciolkosz College of Agricultural Sciences Senior Extension Associate

Bioenergy, biomass energy systems, thermochemical conversion, energy efficiency, controlled environment agriculture and solar energy resource evalu

Shirley Clark Penn State Harrisburg Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering; Science, Engineering, and Technology Impact of stormwater runoff on the physical, chemical and biological quality of surface water bodies.
Caroline Elaine Clifford College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Senior Research Associate, Energy Institute

Areas of research include catalytic coal liquefaction on medium and low rank coals, conversion of coal into premium carbon products, coal conversio

Eugene Clothiaux College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Meteorology

Atmospheric radiative transfer, ground- and satellite-based observations of clouds and the surface, cloud and radiative transfer parameterizations

Jamison Colburn Penn State Law Professor of Law

Published widely on public lands management, administrative law, wildlife habitat, and other environmental topics.

Ralph Colby College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering

Research interests include proteins, polyelectrolytes, ionomers, liquid crystalline polymers, block copolymers, miscible polymer blends, branched p

Vera Cole College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Program Officer of B.A. in Energy and Sustainability Policy

Program Officer for the Energy and Sustainability Policy degree program, where she develops and teaches courses related to energy sources, implicat

Charles (Andy) Cole College of Arts and Architecture Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

ecological design and discovering what principles might be learned from natural sites that may be translated into design ideas and approaches.

Thomas Colledge College of Engineering Assistant Professor, Engineering Design

Learning communities and the integration of service-learning projects into undergraduate curriculum and the impact on cognitive skills development

Alyssa Collins College of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Professor and Research Associate

Disease management of agronomic crops; Fungicide efficacy; Integrated crop management for plant health.

Daniel Cosgrove Eberly College of Science Professor and Holder of the Eberly Chair of Biology

Biophysical, biochemical, and molecular techniques, in combination with whole-plant measurements to determine which processes limit plant cell grow

Douglas Cowen Eberly College of Science Professor of Physics

Research interests include particle astrophysics as well as particles and fields; IceCube telescope to detect ultra-high energy neutrinos in an eff

Diana Cox-Foster College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Entomology

Interactions between insects and their pathogens and parasites, elicitation and regulation of the insect immune system, enzyme interactions and gen

Robert Crane College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geography

Research interests include climatology, African climates, and regional scale climate change and its implications for biophysical and human systems,

Vincent Crespi Eberly College of Science Distinguished Professor of Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemistry

Our research is best described as materials theory, broadly defined.

Liwang Cui College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Entomology

Molecular parasitology and host-parasite interactions: malaria parasite developmental biology, malaria parasite epigenetics, malaria epidemiology a

William S. Curran College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Weed Science

Basic weed biology: integrated weed management, weed management in conservation tillage systems including managing cover crops, weed management in

Wayne Curtis College of Engineering Professor of Chemical Engineering

Biofuels from algae and cellulose; bioreactor systems to grow algae to capture CO2 as well as genetically engineer algae to produce hydrocarbon bio

Ismaila Dabo College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

My group develops and applies first-principles and multiscale models to study materials for energy applications.

Donald Davis College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Plant Pathology

Health of hardwood forests, hardwood tree fungal pathogens and etiology of hardwood tree diseases, susceptibility of forest plants to ozone, tempor

Kenneth Davis College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Meteorology

Research interests include boundary layer meteorology, terrestrial carbon and hydrologic cycles, remote sensing using lidar, flux measurement metho

Rick L. Day College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Soil Science and Environmental Information Systems

Using geographic information systems, terrain analysis, remote sensing and global positioning for environmental assessment and modeling, soil mappi

Chitrita DebRoy College of Agricultural Sciences Clinical Professor

Sequencing and analyzing O antigen gene clusters of E. coli, examining extraintestinal pathogenic E.