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Researcher Name Title Research Summary
Charles W. Abdalla College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics

Applied studies on a variety of natural resource development and environmental issues and policies including land use conflicts, water quantity and

Dave Abler College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics and Demography

International food and agricultural trade and trade policy, international economic development, resource and environmental economics, and climate c

Marc D. Abrams College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Forest Ecology and Physiology

Impact of fire exclusion upon species composition in old-growth forests, the varying and complex responses of temperate tree species to environment

James Adair College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering

Nanoscale materials and phenomena; electronic, optical and structural property determinations for designer particles and materials; colloid and int

Michael Adewumi Michael Adewumi College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Vice Provost for Global Programs

Multiphase hydrodynamic modeling in gas production, processing and transmission; real-time flow assurance monitoring technology; PCB migration mode

Paul R. Adler College of Agricultural Sciences Research Agronomist

Potential use of marginal croplands for biofuel production; ecology and management of grasslands as well as on life cycle assessment of a range of

Peter Aeschbacher College of Arts and Architecture Associate Professor Landscape Architecture & Architecture

How practitioners and educational institutions engage design in the public interest; how entrepreneurial action in the public realm by groups at th

Dinesh Agrawal College of Engineering Professor of Materials

Interaction of microwaves with matter, the microwave synthesis of specialty ceramic powders and developmental studies of candidate materials for be

Lee Ahern College of Communications Assistant Professor, Advertising/Public Relations

Description, analysis and ethics of strategic messages, primarily in the context of environmental and health communications.

Collins Airhihenbuwa College of Health and Human Development Professor and Head, Department of Biobehavioral Health

Culturally appropriate interventions in health promotion with a focus on African and African American populations.

David Allara Eberly College of Science Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Surface chemistry with applications to preparation, properties, and characterization of molecular and polymeric thin films, including surface spect

Richard Alley College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences

Mechanisms and possibility of recurrence of abrupt climate change, ice-bed interactions with implications for fast glacier flow and sea-level chang

Theodore R. Alter College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Economics

Agricultural economics and policy, development economics, public sector economics, community and regional economics, community and rural developmen

Naomi S. Altman Eberly College of Science Associate Professor of Statistics

Bioinformatics and functional data analysis including the design and analysis of microarray studies, functional genomics and gene clustering (by po

Shantu Amin College of Medicine Professor of Pharmacology

Mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis as a tool for developing chemopreventive strategies to reduce the morbidity and mortality from cancer.

Sridhar Anandakrishnan College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geosciences

Glaciology, reflection seismology, ice stream migration, time-series investigations, polar regions and Antarctic ice sheet studies and Antarctic te

James Anderson Eberly College of Science Evan Pugh Professor of Chemistry

Quantum chemistry by Monte Carlo methods, molecular dynamics of reactive collisions, kinetics and mechanisms of gas phase reactions, rare-event the

Charles Anderson Eberly College of Science Assistant Professor of Biology

Our lab studies plant cell wall dynamics, with the goal of informing efforts to produce sustainable food, materials, and bioenergy from plants.

Joel Anstrom College of Engineering Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering

Advanced vehicle systems, specifically hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicle modeling, integration, and testing; and electric drive-based active sa

Richard Arteca College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Horticultural Physiology

Plant genetic engineering to make plants more resistant to environmental stresses, touch responses in plants, flowering, phytoremediation (removal

Michael Arthur College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geosciences

Marine geology, stable isotope geochemistry, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimatology and the origin and nature of ancient black shales such as D

John Asbury Eberly College of Science Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chemical and structural changes associated with degradation of solid-state electro-active materials such as organic photovoltaics, organic light-em

Sarah Assmann Eberly College of Science Waller Professor of Biology

Molecular and electrophysiological techniques to elucidate the second messenger pathways by which signals such as light and hormones are transduced

Osama Awadelkarim College of Engineering Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), and related nanomaterials including Thin-Film Transistors and Metal-Oxide-Si

Luis Ayala College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Associate Professor, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Natural gas engineering, numerical modeling of unconventional gas reservoirs, performance prediction of gas shale reservoirs and tight sands with r

John V. Badding Eberly College of Science Professor of Chemistry

Inorganic and polymeric materials chemistry, including optoelectronic materials and metamaterials, thermoelectric materials, chemical and physical

William Bahnfleth College of Engineering Professor of Architectural Engineering

Thermal storage, district heating and cooling, indoor air quality, building energy modeling and analysis, applications of thermal sciences to build

Tim Baird College of Arts and Architecture Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Environmental art and designed landscapes commissioned in land reclamation contexts; evolution of landscape materiality and its alternating periods

Jennifer Baka College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Assistant Professor of Geography Energy geographer interested in understanding the interconnected political and biophysical processes shaping and shaped by systems of energy provision
Tom Baker College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Professor of Entomology

Insect-to-insect or plant-to-insect chemical communication via olfaction, neuroethology, heliothine moth sex pheromone and host plant volatile mixt

Katherine Baker Associate Professor of Environmental Microbiology

Environmental microbiology and bioremediation of hazardous waste sites, emerging pathogens in the environment, helicobacter pylori, fecal source tr

Peter Bannon College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Atmospheric Science

Research interests include dynamics of weather and climate in addition to atmospheric energetics.

Mary Barbercheck College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Entomology

Biological soil quality and sustainability; impact of agricultural practices on soil biodiversity and function; biology and ecology of entomopatho

Rick Bates College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture

Profitability and competitiveness of the nursery and Christmas tree industry; improving establishment and survivability of bare-root trees, Christm

Tara Baugher College of Agricultural Sciences Extension Agent, Adams County

Increasing orchard and vineyard sustainability with advanced integrated pest management; retooling the tree fruit and vine crop industries with inn

Iliana Baums Eberly College of Science Associate Professor of Biology

Ecological and evolutionary processes that shape populations of reef-building corals with a focus on adaptive trait variance related to temperature

Stephen Beckerman College of the Liberal Arts Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology

Ecological anthropology; neotropical forest subsistence practices, warfare on and among tribal peoples, and human reproductive strategies.

Douglas B. Beegle College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Professor of Agronomy

Soil test evaluation and calibration, fertility management (N, P, K, S), starter fertilizer management, development of nutrient management systems

Deanna Behring College of Agricultural Sciences Director of International Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences

Leading and coordinating international research and educational programs.

Rhonda BeLue College of Health and Human Development Associate Professor of Health Policy and Administration

Health disparities in families and children, evaluation methodology, medical decision making; epidemiology.