Water & Biogeochemical Cycles

Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center USGS 104B small grants program for FY 2017

Overview.  The Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center (PA-WRRC) invites faculty of all Pennsylvania colleges and universities to submit proposals for projects addressing water resources issues in Pennsylvania.

Oil and Gas Development in the Appalachian Basin

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the release of the Oil and Gas Development in the Appalachian Basin Request for Applications.

Call for Proposals: NCSE 2017: Integrating Environment and Health

NCSE 2017: 

Integrating Environment and Health


17th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment

January 24-26, 2017

Washington, DC



Win 50k for your Green and Sustainable Chemistry Project

In 2015, nearly 200 countries endorsed the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals. The new goals provide a powerful call to action. To achieve these, we—NGO's, governments, industry, non profits and academia—need to work together. By 2020, we have pledged to achieve environmentally sound chemical and waste management protocols. Help contribute to these goals with your innovative projects to reduce the use of hazardous substances, increase recyclability, provide a sustainable use of resources – and more! Is your project innovative and sustainable?

Director of the Sustainability Institute / Chief Sustainability Officer

The Pennsylvania State University invites applications for the position of Director of the Sustainability Institute and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). As the CSO, this individual will be charged with leading the University in integrating sustainability into all aspects of operations, education, research and outreach, in coordination with faculty, students, staff and external stakeholders throughout all Penn State campuses and will report to the Provost and Vice President of Finance and Business.