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Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work being done at and through the Institutes of Energy and the Environment. Faculty and researchers from across Penn State, including the Commonwealth campuses, have become affiliates of IEE.

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Researcher Name Title Research Summary
Eric Zenner College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Silviculture

Research interest lies in linking forest structure to understory and overstory dynamics, such as with respect to forest regeneration, partial distu

Fuqing Zhang College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Meteorology

Research interests include dynamic and mesoscale meteorology, tropical cyclones and hurricanes; gravity wave, sea breeze, mountain-plains circulati

Qiming Zhang College of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

Expertise is in integrated micro-actuators and microsensors, electroactive polymer and nanomaterial system energy devices for electrical energy sto

Linghao Zhong Penn State Mont Alto Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research interests include computer simulation on proteins (prion protein folding and enzymatic cellulose degradation catalyzed by cellulase) and i

Minghui Zhu College of Engineering Dorothy Quiggle Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Systems and control, multi-agent networks, distributed algorithms, robotics

Karl Zimmerer College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor and Head of Geography

Current research focuses on agrobiodiversity change and resilience related to water resource use, irrigation and climate change; spatial interactio

Katherine Y. Zipp College of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics Research interests include: environmental and resource economics, land-use economics, spatial modeling, joint ecological-economic modeling and nonmark
Andrew Zydney College of Engineering Department Head, Chemical Engineering

Current research activities are focused in three distinct areas: artificial organs, bioseparations and membrane processes with the goal is of devel