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Affiliates are Penn Staters who have a connection to or an interest in the work being done at and through the Institutes of Energy and the Environment. Faculty and researchers from across Penn State, including the Commonwealth campuses, have become affiliates of IEE.

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Researcher Name Title Research Summary
Sanford S. Smith College of Agricultural Sciences Senior Lecturer in Forest Resources and Extension EducationNatural Resources and Youth Extension Spe

Research interests include natural resources and youth education programs, adult volunteerism in conservation and environmental education, and fore

Paul Smith College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Forest Products Marketing

Research interests include bio (forest) products marketing, technology-driven product/market development, customer delivered value, international t

Edward Smith College of Engineering Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Research interests include rotorcraft dynamics and composite structures including all aspects of helicopter dynamics, including tailored composite

Erica Smithwick College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geography

Research is at the interface of landscape and ecosystem ecology, focusing on the influence of spatial patterns on ecosystem function with a specifi

Shedra Amy Snipes Shedra Amy Snipes College of Health and Human Development Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health Dr.
David Snyder College of Engineering Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering

Helps advance electro-optics and related technologies in eight divisions: sensor technology, laser technology, EO materials, design and process te

Mansour Solaimanian College of Engineering Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research focuses on pavements and bituminous materials including recycled and new materials in pavements.

Chunshan Song College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science and Professor of Chemical Engineering

Research interests include catalysis in fuel processing for ultra-clean fuels and fuel cells; reforming of hydrocarbon and alcohol fuels for syngas

Todd Sowers College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Research Associate, Department of Geosciences

Research is in tropical paleoclimate records as well as polar climate records.

Alexandra Staub College of Arts and Architecture Associate Professor of Architecture

Research interests include postwar housing and urban systems in their cultural contexts.

David Stauffer College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Senior Scientist

Research interests include mesoscale meteorology and numerical weather prediction (NWP), four-dimensional data assimilation, physical parameterizat

Jay Stauffer College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Professor of Ichthyology

Research interests include endangered fishes, freshwater fish behavior, impact of introduced fishes, and systematics and zoogeography of freshwater

Richard Stehouwer College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Environmental Soil Science

Research interests include characterization of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in composts as a function of compost maturity and the influence of DO

Kim Steiner College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Forest Biology

Research interests include silviculture and ecology of mixed-oak forests, tree growth and form, and forest genetics.

Susan Stewart College of Engineering Research Associate, Aerospace Engineering and Architectural Engineering

Research focus is on renewable energy technology and implementation (resources, hybrid designs, policies and society) as well as thermal fluid syst

Stephanie Stockar Stephanie Stockar College of Engineering Assistant Professor My research focuses on the broad area of modeling and optimization of nonlinear dynamical systems, with emphasis on energy systems such as buildings,
Dana L. Stuchul College of Education Associate Professor of Education

Learning theories, elementary science methods, social-cultural-philosophical-historical foundations of education, and naturalscience.

Janet Swim College of the Liberal Arts Professor of Psychology

Research addresses perceptions and responses to current social and environmental issues; examines the impact of information, motivation (e.g., valu

Ann M. Swinker College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Equine Sciences

Research activities have addressed several management and environmental issues such as stable air quality; small acreage management; and composting

Bryan Swistock College of Agricultural Sciences Water Resources Extension Associate

Coordinates extension in water resources, natural gas and ecosystem science.

David Sylvia College of Agricultural Sciences Director of Graduate Programs, World Campus

Conducts basic studies on plant-fungus interactions and the functional diversity of symbiotic associations with the goal of application of mycorrhi

B. Derrick Taff B. Derrick Taff College of Health and Human Development Assistant Professor, Recreation Park, and Tourism Management

My research strives to improve understanding of communication strategies aimed at influencing human and environmental health regarding protected ar

Ken Tamminga College of Arts and Architecture Professor of Landscape Architecture

Research interests include ecological design and regeneration of degraded ecosystems and places; pre-emptive ecosystems planning; community-based a

Alan Taylor College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geography

Broad research interests in ecological biogeography and vegetation dynamics, particularly the role of natural and human disturbance and climate var

Karen Thole College of Engineering Department Head of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Research interests include convective heat transfer, turbulent boundary layers, high freestream turbulence and gas turbine heat transfer.

Darryl Thomas College of the Liberal Arts Associate Professor of African American Studies

Research and teaching revolves around Africana studies, African studies, world politics, comparative politics, black politics, urban politics, and

Stefan Thynell College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include transport phenomena in proton-exchange and solid-oxide fuel cells, radiation heat transfer, combustion, thermal decompos

Ming Tien Eberly College of Science Professor of Biochemistry

Research interests include characterization and biochemical analysis of cellulose synthesis in a variety of organisms, mechanism and regulation of

Martin Tingley College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Statistics

Theme of current research is to modernize the statistical techniques used in the reconstruction of past climate from natural proxies.

John Tooker College of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Professor of Entomology

Research interests include insect-plant interactions in agricultural systems, chemical ecology, induced host-plant defenses, natural-enemy ecology,

Susan Trolier-McKinstry College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering

Research interests are centered around structure-processing-property relationships in electroceramics.

Nancy Tuana College of the Liberal Arts DuPont/Class of 1949 Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies

Research interests include feminist philosophy; science studies with an emphasis on epistemological and ethical issues; moral literacy; coupled epi

Jim Tumlinson College of Agricultural Sciences Ralph O. Mumma Professor of Entomology

Broadly studies chemicals that affect insect behavior such as insect pheromones, chemical signals, and responses of insects to chemical cues.

Stephen Turns College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include pollutant formation and control in combustion systems, combustion engines, combustion instrumentation, radiation heat tr

Kenji Uchino College of Engineering Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research interests include dielectrics/ferroelectrics/piezo-electrics, device design/fabrication, solid state actuators, transducers, positioners a

Christopher Uhl Eberly College of Science Professor of Biology

Research interests include human ecology, relational consciousness and pedagogy.

Julio Urbina College of Engineering Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Radar design, digital systems and space instrumentation, analog design, software designed radio and radars, radio wave propagation, meteor detectio

Adri van Duin College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests include atomistic-scale simulations of chemical reactions, reactive force fields (ReaxFF), quantum chemistry, combustion reactio

Jack Vanden Heuvel College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Molecular Toxicology

Research is focused on the three likely candidates for NRs that respond to dietary fatty acids: PPAR, RXR and LXR.

Randy Vander Wal College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Research focuses on nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, onions, capsules, metal oxide semiconductors, noble and transition metal catalysts an