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Researcher Name Title Research Summary
David Bice College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geosciences

Tectonics, structural geology, paleoclimate, paleoclimate cycles, magnetostratigraphy and impact stratigraphy.

Dave Biddinger College of Agricultural Sciences Tree Fruit Research Entomologist

Integrated pest management programs in tree fruits; evaluation of experimental and registered insecticides and acaricides for control of tree fruit

Joseph Bishop College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Research Associate, Riparia

Remote sensing and GIS for forestry applications; avian indicator of ecological condition to data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey.

Ottar Bjornstad College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology

Population ecology and population dynamics with particular emphasis on mathematical and computational aspects; disease ecology and biology; outbrea

Brian Black Penn State Altoona Professor of History and Environmental Studies

Landscape and environmental history of North America, particularly in relation to the application and use of technology; cultural history of petrol

David Blandford College of Agricultural Sciences Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Environmental Economics

Effectiveness and efficiency of domestic and international policies on agriculture and natural resources.

Seth Blumsack College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Associate Professor of Energy Policy and Economics

Energy and electric power systems; regulation and deregulation of network industries; congestion pricing and management; complex systems and networ

Lisa Bolton Associate Professor of Marketing

Judgment and decision-making by managers and consumers, with substantive interests in new products, pricing, risk perceptions, health marketing, ma

Mallika Bose College of Arts and Architecture Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Design/planning pedagogy; urban and non-traditional housing; urban design and development planning; and socio-cultural influences on the built envi

Elizabeth W. Boyer College of Agricultural Sciences PSIEE Assistant Director - Water Resources

Coupled hydrological, ecological, & biogeochemical processes that affect streamflow and water quality; design of land management programs &

Victoria Braithwaite College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Fisheries and Biology

Interaction between ecology and cognition; examines how and why animals vary in their cognitive abilities and their behavior.

Timothy Bralower College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geosciences

Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology of past warm climate intervals, the origin of Cretaceous black shales, the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum e

Robin Brandt College of Agricultural Sciences Senior Lecturer in Agricultural Engineering

Estimating source coefficients for phosphorus site indices; land application of biosolids under phosphorus-based nutrient management; biosolids dis

Susan Brantley College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Distinguished Professor of Geosciences

Aqueous geochemistry, geochemical kinetics and microbial biogeochemistry; coupling between weathering and erosion; chemical, biological, and physi

Elizabeth Brantley Penn State Mont Alto Instructor in Forest Technology

Forest pathology and forest health monitoring ; genotypes resistant to butternut canker.

Kathryn Brasier College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Rural Sociology

Collective action, networks and public participation related to agricultural, natural resource, and environmental issues; social and economic impac

James Brasseur College of Engineering Faculty Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Mathematics

Fluid mechanics, turbulence physics, atmospherics dynamics, polymer drag reduction, large-eddy simulation and subgrid modeling of turbulent flows,

Jack Brenizer College of Engineering Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Radiation detection, neutron radiography, neutron activation analysis and nuclear test ban treaty monitoring aerogel materials.

Mark Brennan College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Leadership and Community Development

Role of community and leadership development in the community, youth, and rural development process; community action, civic engagement, youth deve

Sean Brennan College of Engineering Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamic systems and control with application to automotive systems, robotics, biological sensing, mechatronics, autonomous and human-assisted drivi

Rachel Brennan College of Engineering Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering

Bioremediation of hazardous wastes and emerging contaminants; biological, chemical, and physical treatment of acid mine drainage; enzymatic biocata

Kenneth Brentner College of Engineering Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Rotorcraft and aircraft aeroacoustics, computational aeroacoustics, fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, high performance computing; pred

Cynthia Brewer College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geography

Cartographic communication and visualization, map design, color theory applications in cartography, multi-scale mapping, generalization, topographi

Jeffrey Bridger College of Agricultural Sciences Senior Scientist, Agriculture Economics, Sociology and Education

Sustainable community development in rural areas, the impact of rurality on social well-being, land use at the rural-urban interface, and conflicts

Forrest Briscoe Associate Professor of Management

How organizations change and new organizational practices spread across organizational fields; social and political mechanisms through which organi

Margaret Brittingham College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Wildlife Resources

Avian ecology, avian response to oil and gas exploration (Marcellus) and development, effects of habitat fragmentation on bird populations and mana

Robert Brooks College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Professor of Geography and Ecology

Ecology, conservation and restoration of wetlands, streams and riparian areas; wetland wildlife; landscape ecology; developing hydrogeomorphic func

Kathleen Brown College of Agricultural Sciences Professor of Postharvest Physiology

Root traits that influence crop performance under soil stresses such as drought and nutrient deficiency.

Nicole Brown College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Wood Chemistry

Adhesives; wood composites; cellulosic materials, bacterial cellulose and polymer science; chemistry of wood biopolymers; and other chemical treatm

Jeffrey R.S. Brownson College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Assistant Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering

Thin film materials synthesis for photovoltaic devices, System Integrative Photovoltaics (SIPV): design for building integration, system-scale tran

William Brune College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Distinguished Professor and Head of Meteorology

Atmospheric/air chemistry; laser techniques to measure hydrogen oxides and analyze their key roles in global air pollution.

Mary Ann Bruns College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor of Soil Science/Microbial Ecology Soil microbial responses to anthropogenic disturbance and of microbes’ roles in mitigating disturbance effects; nitrogen transformations in agricultur
Donald Bryant Eberly College of Science Ernest C. Pollard Professor of Biotechnology

Physiology, biochemistry, genetics and genomics of photosynthetic bacteria focusing on the unicellular, marine cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp.

Anne Buchanan College of the Liberal Arts Adjunct Senior Research Associate in Anthropology

Public health, epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, developmental genetics, and evolution; genetic epidemiology of diabetes and the Hominid Cranial

William Burgos College of Engineering Professor of Environmental Engineering

Bioremediation of soil, sediment and groundwater; integrative hydrobiogeochemistry; biological metal oxidation in coal mine drainage; biological ir

Daniel Cahoy photo Daniel Cahoy Professor of Business Law

Intersection of intellectual property enforcement and human rights, patent ownership in alternative energy technologies, and mechanisms for increas

Guoray Cai College of Information Sciences and Technology Associate Professor of Information Science and Technology

GIS, geocollaboration, human-computer interaction, information retrieval and spoken-dialogue systems.

Dennis Calvin College of Agricultural Sciences Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

Population dynamics, insect-plant interactions (European corn borer), and sampling technology related to insect pest management; modeling of biolog

Cengiz Camci College of Engineering Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Heat transfer in air-breathing propulsion and power systems; analytical and experimental fluid dynamics; turbine aerodynamics; cooling schemes for

Fred Cannon College of Engineering Professor of Environmental Engineering

Activated carbon and surface chemistry; tailoring of activated Carbon to remove specific compounds; and advanced oxidation/adsorption for reducing