Organizations have energy problems. We provide solutions.

The experts at INGaR have helped organizations with a wide array of challenges, including:

  • Market research for industry groups
  • Assessing carbon footprints
  • Creating user-friendly technology
  • Designing responsible process for product acquisition

Who we are

We are researchers spanning multiple colleges and departments at Penn State. We integrate more than two dozen research centers across all Penn State campuses. We also have experimental labs including:

  • Applied Research Lab
  • Center for Quantitative Imaging Lab
  • High Pressure Combustion Lab
  • G3 Rock Mechanics Lab

Mission Statement

Build a new research, development, and education collaboration among students, faculty, and external partners for economic growth and transition to low-carbon energy supply through unconventional oil and gas.


Enable the design, creation, development and commercialization of energy solutions integrating unconventional oil and gas energy.


  • Reduce innovation cycle time from concept to commercialization
  • More innovation to the market through connection to external needs
  • Establish role for natural gas as an energy supply balancing sustainability and financial goals
  • Advance education, knowledge retention through use of current best in class technology