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Ask the Ethicist: What is ‘ethics education’?

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Each of us faces ethical dilemmas every day. Sometimes we’re unsure how to handle a specific situation or wonder why someone handled a crisis in a certain way.

In partnership with the Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State Today’s new feature column, Ask the Ethicist, aims to shed light on these ethical quandaries. Each article in this column will feature a different ethical question answered by a Penn State ethicist.

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Question: What is ‘ethics education’? 

‘Ethics education’ is a broad term for learning experiences intended to help students develop ethically, whether in terms of increased ethical awareness and understanding or greater motivation to act ethically in the world. There are many forms of ethics education used in K-12 classrooms, experiential learning settings and in higher education.

Though not exhaustive, some prominent ethics education categories include character education, with a focus on learning experiences for the acquisition of central virtues and ethical character traits, and service-learning programs that attempt to build ethical awareness, motivation and related skill sets through experiential learning and service within one’s community. (For more information, see The Handbook of Moral and Character Education.)

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