The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) is pleased to offer two National Science Foundation GRIP opportunities on climate change adaptation and prioritization of conservation efforts for fish and wildlife.
Interested NSF Graduate Research Fellows, please email the contacts below for more information. Remember the deadline to apply for a GRIP opportunity this cycle is December 4th!

​Opportunity #1: Climate Change Adaptation for Fish and Wildlife

Contact email: Doug Beard,

Location: National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center & Dept. of Interior Climate Science Centers (Reston, Va & 8 National Locations)

Summary of Project: Properly integrating the notion of adaptation into vulnerability assessment and planning for the future is critical for understanding potential climate change driven impacts on species and systems. The key objective of this fellowship will be to develop or utilize better methods to incorporate the notion of adaption into vulnerability and adaptation planning. Further the incumbent will work with either existing or new projects to translate the notion of adaptation into actionable science.

Main responsibilities:
· Research in the area of adaptation and adaptive capacity of species and/or systems especially as applied to global change impacts.
· Development of models, tools, visualizations and other approaches to incorporate adaptive capacity into natural resource management planning.
· Work with USGS Scientists and University partners to integrate outputs of research into actionable science projects ongoing within the DOI CSC network.

Required skills:
· Completion of a bachelors or masters degree in ecology, biology, fisheries, wildlife, forestry, or other related earth science discipline OR degrees in economics, sociology, anthropology, or other disciplines emphasizing interaction with socio-ecological systems.
· Excellent technical, analytical, computer, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

Link to more information:

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