Solicitation or Grant Number: 
$21,000 (USD unless defined below)
Final Deadline: 
Thursday, September 14, 2017

Background: BLM is mandated to manage paleontological resources using scientific principles and expertise. Also, the Paleontology Resources Preservation Act (PRPA) requires that agencies develop plans for inventory, monitoring, and the scientific and educational use of paleontological resources. To help fulfill those mandates, the BLM is seeking a partner to help with miscellaneous and periodic inventory, monitoring, education, and other resource-related activities. Objectives: Through this project, the BLM seeks to establish a partnership to assist in the management of paleontological resources from BLM land in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Over the course of this agreement many and varied projects might be undertaken that will assist both the BLM and project recipient to achieve goals of resource management and educational outreach. Projects could include, but are not be limited to the following: 1) Conducting survey and inventory across BLM land, including areas of special designation like National Land Conservation System (NLCS) lands, or Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). 2) Geologic map work related to developing and improving the Potential Fossil Yield Classification (PFYC) system. 3) Youth and adult education, such as National Fossil Day events, or the involvement of the public in field and laboratory experiences will be considered, and 4) Other projects that aid in the management of paleontological resources. The initial project identified for this Agreement will be the survey of Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) across several field office areas in Montana. The purpose of this survey will be to identify paleontological potential and develop recommendations for management. This project will provide opportunity for the partner to provide educational and outreach opportunities, maximizing the benefit to the partner organization and the public. Public Benefit: The resulting tools, information and educational opportunities from this project will directly benefit the public and will aid in the management of paleontological resources. This project will enable these resources to be of maximum benefit to the public and to science.


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