Associate Professor Energy and Mineral Engineering
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Phone number(s): 
(814) 863-6213
Office Address: 
126 Hosler Building

Dr. Jonathan Mathews is a coal scientist and an ACS fellow. His research interests address the relationship between coal structure and behavior spanning all ranks and nearly all aspects of coal use. He is well known for the creation and use of atomistic representations of coal and char but also employs advanced analytical techniques to inform and constrain the models. It is capturing the structural diversity, in a meaningful way, that has aided improving the rationalization of behavior. He is active in coalbed methane research along with CO2 sequestraion in coal. These investigations make use of image analysis and modeling for cleat structure and diversity, X-ray Computed Tomagraphy, and atomistic representations. He is also acitive in coal pyrolysis, coal combustion, oxy-fuel combustion, coal gasification, and coal liquefaction. He has extensive domestic (universities and National Labs) and international collaborations (China, England, South Africa, and Australia).

PSIEE Research Theme: 
Smart Energy Systems
Research Summary: 

Research interests inlude CO2 sequestration in coal, molecular modeling of coal/char, coal to liquids research, and structural representation of complex behavior.