photo of Jessica Myrick
Associate Professor of Media Studies
College of Communications
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Office Address: 
104 Carnegie Building
PSIEE Research Theme: 
Health and the Environment
Research Summary: 
In general, Myrick's research examines the role of different emotions in shaping audience responses to health, science and environmental messages. She argues that mediated messages need to resonate emotionally with individuals in order to change attitudes and behaviors related to those topics. For example, she has investigated how content from the Discovery Channel's popular "Shark Week" series impacts the effectiveness of conservation-focused public service announcements. She has also investigated the effects of Pope Francis as a climate change mitigation advocate and how framing climate change as a public health issue may sway different types of audiences. Myrick, whose interdisciplinary work has been funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, previously served as an assistant professor in The Media School at Indiana University. She teaches courses related to media effects, research methods, mass communication and society, persuasion, and health/science/environmental communication.