The selected candidate will work with SCRiM project teams to develop modeling, analysis, visualization, decision support, and educational tools. Desired areas of expertise include models of Earth system components, geophysical data visualization, statistical analysis of large datasets, optimization techniques, and development of web-based graphical user interfaces. The primary common language used within SCRiM is R but experience with additional languages such as Fortran, C/C++, Julia, Matlab, NCL, and/or Python would also be highly desirable. Initial projects may include (but are not limited to) development of a graphical user interface for a simple integrated assessment model, development of a data visualization portal for downscaled climate data, and coupling of model components (originally developed for different disciplinary domains) for multi-objective trade-off analyses in a high-performance computational environment.

This opportunity is available either as a Scientific Programmer / Research Assistant position or as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. For more information, please contact Dr. Robert Nicholas ( To apply, visit