Application Deadline: 
Monday, December 4, 2017

RAND's Summer Associate Program introduces outstanding graduate students in aerospace/aeronautical, electrical or mechanical engineering, computer or information science, applied mathematics, physics or other related STEM fields to the RAND Corporation, an institution that conducts research on a wide range of domestic and international social policy issues as well as national security problems. RAND employs about 100 engineers, computer/information scientists, physicists, and applied mathematicians in Santa Monica, CA, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, PA. Summer Associates experience the following at RAND:

  • Typically work at RAND for a 12-week period during the summer;
  • Receive a bi-weekly paycheck during their assignment with RAND;
  • Conduct research that can be completed during their time at RAND and present the results of this research to the RAND community via a 15-30 minute briefing at the end of their three-month asignment;
  • Are closely mentored by one to two established RAND researchers;
  • May be located in Santa Monica, CA, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, PA, or Boston, MA depending on the match with mentors;
  • Are highly encouraged to network and interact with other researchers outside of their primary mentorship team and area of expertise;
  • Are invited to attend a number of seminars from researchers both within and outside of RAND.