General Motors is seeking Penn State students to serve a two-year term on its Student Sustainability Advisory Council (SSAC), beginning January 2016.

The purpose of the SSAC is to facilitate engagement between university graduate students and GM on sustainability issues. This council complements the engagement with the Ceres External Advisory Group — a group of key external stakeholders such as investors, non-governmental organizations, and academic experts who provide perspective on GM’s sustainability efforts, as well as emerging trends on issues in this space.

GM’s SSAC is intended to gain input from students on its sustainability strategy, priorities, and actionable ideas using a sustainability “lens” for its business to improve the bottom-line, increase the top-line and reduce risks.

GM will engage with participating students through a series of conference calls, subject-matter seminars and mentorship opportunities. By providing students with access to research and employees directly involved in the company’s sustainability efforts, GM hopes to foster a holistic understanding of its commitments, strategy and road ahead. The first year of SSAC will have five council members, adding five additional members next year.