Instructor: Klaus Keller, Department of Geosciences, 436 Deike Building,
Meeting times and location: Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 in 337 Deike.

Motivation: Humans are running an unprecedented experiment by driving atmospheric greenhouse gas
concentrations beyond levels experienced by previous civilizations. Acquiring a solid understanding of
climate change in the past, the underlying mechanisms, as well as the methods used to project future
climate change poses exciting intellectual challenges and is a crucial step towards a sound management
of the risks associated with this perturbation of the coupled natural-human systems.

Description: A seminar analyzing the current knowledge (and research needs) relevant to the climate
system in the past and possible futures. Topics to be covered include theories for glacial-interglacial
cycles, modes of climate variability, abrupt climate change, anthropogenic climate change,
probabilistic projections of future climate change, climate change impacts, and climate risk