The ACRP Oversight Committee, the governing board for the program, met on July 21, 2016, to review and select projects for the FY 2017 program. ACRP is soliciting nominees to serve on project-oversight panels for these new projects.

A list and descriptions of the 16 projects that were selected are available online for review.

Each ACRP project is assigned to a panel of volunteers that provides technical guidance and counsel throughout the life of the project. The typical project panel consists of airport representatives, academicians, research specialists, consultants, airlines, and other industry practitioners.

Self-nominations are welcome and are encouraged to be made using the ACRP Practitioner Portal.

If you nominate someone other than yourself, use the nomination form and submit it by e-mail to

Please submit a personal statement of interest for each specific project and a current resume with your nomination. You may nominate yourself or someone else to participate on multiple projects, but it is better to be selective. 

Nominations will be accepted immediately but no later than September 21, 2016, so that the program can move forward in a timely manner. To ensure proper consideration, ACRP needs sufficient contact information for each nominee, including name, title, affiliation, address, email, telephone number, and most importantly, professional qualifications related to the particular project, such as is found on a resume.

Each nominee is considered and evaluated as to his or her strength in a set of predetermined disciplines, which are unique for each project, and also classified according to type of employment (e.g., employed by an airport, academic or research institution, consulting firm, airline, or other industry organization) and relevance of perspective for the particular topic of the project. Gender, ethnicity, and geographic location are also objectively considered and balanced as each project topic-specific panel is formed.

TRB and its Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) recognize the value that diversity of experience, perspectives, and technical expertise add to the research results we produce.

ACRP’s goal is to develop the best products possible–products that are objective and credible and that significantly advance the state of knowledge or practice. Our experience shows that these results are best attained with guidance from panels of subject-matter experts, who bring diverse perspectives and life experiences to bear on any given topic and who are able to gauge the effectiveness of proposed research approaches and to successfully monitor the research.

ACRP will examine all nominations and may initiate contact to determine an individual's interest and availability in serving for a particular project.

Additional information for ACRP project panel members is available online.