Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Modification No. 0002: The purpose of this modification is to (1) extend the submission deadline for Full Applications to 9/19/2017; and (2) clarify the funding limit regarding support for staff time for new curriculum development under Section I.A.1.e. Specifically, Section I.A.1.e. is revised to clarify that the 10% limit applies only to the Federal share of award funding; if the applicant has determined additional costs are necessary beyond the 10% limit, these costs may be covered by Recipient cost share. Modification No. 0001: The purpose of this modification is to: (1) extend the submission deadline for Full Applications to 9/15/2017; and (2) to require a list of the proposed private sector industry partners in the cover page of the Technical Volume within the Full Application, to confirm Applicant eligibility in line with the requirements of Section III.A.i Statement of Applicant Eligibility. See Section III.A.i Statement of Applicant Eligibility and Section IV.D.ii Technical Volume. Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), DOE intends to fund university-led Traineeship Programs that address workforce training needs in the early-stage technology area of advanced materials and process technologies of high importance to manufacturing. The following objectives guide the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Advanced Manufacturing Office’s (AMO) traineeship efforts: • Advance the DOE mission – Traineeship programs are designed and implemented to advance specific Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workforce competencies required for the DOE’s unique mission to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its science and energy challenges, particularly with regard to advanced manufacturing. • Address priority STEM workforce needs and identified gaps in early-stage advanced manufacturing technology – Traineeship programs focus on advancing those critical STEM disciplines and competencies specifically relevant to the AMO missions where other U.S. Government or academic workforce development programs either do not exist or where DOE-relevant early-stage technology areas are not being leveraged to support specific DOE mission responsibilities. The high priority topic identified in this traineeship program is advanced manufacturing (advanced materials and process technologies in manufacturing). The full Funding Opportunity Announcement is posted on the EERE Exchange website at Applications must be submitted through the EERE Exchange website to be considered for award. The applicant must first register and create an account on the EERE Exchange website. The Users' guide for applying to Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Funding Opportunity Announcements through the Exchange website can be found at Information on where to submit questions regarding the content of the announcement and where to submit questions regarding submission of applications is found in the full FOA posted on the EERE Exchange website. The Exchange system is currently designed to enforce hard deadlines for Full Application submissions. The APPLY and SUBMIT buttons automatically disable at the defined submission deadlines. The intention of this design is to consistently enforce a standard deadline for all applicants. Applicants that experience issues with submissions PRIOR to the FOA Deadline: In the event that an Applicant experiences technical difficulties with a submission, the Applicant should contact the Exchange helpdesk for assistance (