The Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) fosters and facilitates interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration to positively impact important energy and environmental challenges. We bring together more than 500 extraordinary faculty, staff, and students to advance the energy and environmental research missions of the University.

IEE supports research at Penn State in the areas of energy and the environment in three foundational ways:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Funding
  3. Facilities and Instrumentation


We bring together more than 500 extraordinary faculty, staff, and students to advance research and innovation by collaborating across disciplines. One of our goals is to promote cross-University relationships to strengthen research at Penn State. We have assembled a large group of co-funded faculty from multiple Penn State colleges. We also have a an extensive network of affiliate Penn State researchers whose work is closely related to our mission.

We also support and collaborate with several other centers and college-level institutes throughout the University.

One way we find success in developing networks of Penn State researchers is through our impactful and purposeful events throughout the year.


Another key method of support is through funding. Whether it is co-funded faculty or our successful seed grant programs, IEE looks to financially support important research and scholarly work that aligns with our mission.

Facilities and Instrumentation

Third, IEE has state-of-art facilities and instruments available for use by academic and industry partners. Through our Energy and Environment Sustainability Laboratory (EESL), we provide shared resources to grow Penn State research in the realm of energy and the environment. This includes laboratories that specialize in key research areas, including water quality, mass spectrometry, and carbon dating.


Office of the Vice President of Research

IEE is one of the Penn State research institutes organized under the Vice President for Research. These research institutes were established by the University in areas that promise to have significant impact on society:

Our leadership includes a director, an executive committee, a coordinating council and an advisory board.  

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